Monday, May 24, 2010


Cant wait,June 30, 2010 big day for all the twilight fans waiting for the Eclipse premiere. I am one of those "TWI-TARDS" as my daughter calls them (she is too). I with all my twilight pals and our husbands will be watching it from the comfy "Gold Class Cinemas" in Pasadena. If you aren't familiar with this theatre they have recliners and they bring you blankets and pillows while you are watching your movie. You also have your own waiter during the movie, but yet its completely quiet! They not only serve popcorn and candy but....FOOD and GREAT FOOD! Along with a full bar! What more could ya ask for. Ill post some pic's and info when we return....
Till then, I need to start reading again!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Twilight Party

This past weekend we celebrated Twilight style. Thanks to a sweet and generous friend who happens to work for a party store. She loaned us some props and the party was incredible!

This famous quote greeted everyone upon arrival. The guests were to choose a Team Edward or Team Jacob sticker and sprayed with glitter to sparkle like vampires (in the sun of course!). I framed her birthday invite because it had Edward on it.

I placed some sayings around the room from the movie that I got off of the Hostess with the Mostess website....thanks! I couldnt let the party pass me by so I took a picture with the two men who have been occupying my time lately.
I found these bags at Sally's Beauty supply store
and they matched the color scheme perfect! I made each kid a bookmark with their name and a sticker of Edward or Jacob. The goodie bags were a HUGE hit!
These little treat bags were in the goodie bags. They were filled with stickers and candy and sealed with the Cullen crest. The suckers are called Blood Pops, really!

The kids dined outside on Italian of course! Ravioli's, garlic bread and salad. The dessert bar had chocolate dipped oreos, and marchmallows on a stick. Licorice bags with blood type labels (also from the hostess with the mostess), red velvet cookies, blood pops, cinnamon gummi bears (for Emmett), liquid candy blood bags, and chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow cream cheese frosting!

My sister decorated the cupcakes for me. They were adorable!

The kids took pictures with the character stand ups and decorated a frame and cup with twilight stickers. They watched twilight and had ice cream sundaes. I have created a monster or two when it comes to twilight! I cant wait to see Eclipse and plan a party for it!
So, here it goes....
I have been contemplating this blog for over a year now. I didn't know whether I could find the time to keep it going, but I knew I NEEDED IT! A creative outlet. I am one of those people that continously have a list of projects I want (or think I NEED) to do. So, I figured if I start this blog I can give my brain a break by writing about the parties I throw or WANT to throw! The desserts I'm experimenting with, because ultimately I see my self owning a bakery too, of course. Not that I dont have enough on my plate with two little girls, my job, my husband, a house to maintain, softball and t-ball and cant forget the dog, kane! So, like I said before..........Here it goes......